Terms & Conditions

Who We Are

Swami Vivekananda Leadership (SVL) Academy is the fastest growing skill development professional and educational institution. That aim is to create a relevant and healthy skill with a quality manpower as per the industry needs. And we proudly support entrepreneurs, financial and other industries as well. We offer an effectual online training for the relevant courses that keep your workforces ahead of the future.

What We Do

SVL Academy’s mission is to provide pliable effective skill development training to boost organizations and individual candidates for the relevant courses that keep their employees ahead of the future.

Website –  www.svlacademy.com
Phone number- +91 83482 20552
Email address – info@svlacademy.com

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1) Once payment is made, the amount paid is non-refundable.

2) SVL Academy shall not be responsible if for any reason the payment is not credited to the account of SVL Academy once debited.

3) If the course has to be discontinued or postponed due to unavoidable reasons, the training fee paid will not be refunded.

4) As Swami Vivekananda Leadership Academy is an educational institution, only education is imparted here and no employment situation is provided here.

5) After completing this course I will not be able to claim any employment.

6) If I misbehave with any student studying in SVL Academy or SVL Academy authorities persy or misrepresent them or engage in any unethical activities then SVL Academy authorities can terminate me Or can take legal action against me.

7) I am allowing SVL Academy to do any kind of sms, phone, email and whatsapp to me.

8) Any decision of Swami Vivekananda Leadership Academy shall be considered final.

9) I am fully informed and in good faith of sound mind paying the training cost for this course without inducement from others. The responsibility is entirely my own.

10) Any legal proceedings of Swami Vivekananda Leadership Academy (SVL Academy) shall be filed with Chandannagar (Hooghly W.B, India) Sub Judicial Magistrate only.

11) I am bound to follow all the rules and guidelines of Swami Vivekananda Leadership Academy with due dignity.

12) I undertake that all information provided by me is correct and true otherwise any action may be taken against me.

I have read and understood all the guidelines , trams and conditions of Swami Vivekananda Leadership Academy.

The above T&C is applacable from the dated 1st July 2023.